World Hearing Voices Congress Melbourne November 20-22 November 2013


The world’s most refreshing, creative and hopeful mental health conference is coming to Melbourne this November… we hope you join us!

The World Hearing Voices Congress will bring together:

  • people who have learned to understand and live with their voices
  • innovative practitioners and researchers who are thinking outside the square
  • family and friends who have found ways to live with voice hearers in supportive ways
  • communities who have changed their thinking about voices and made a difference

It will start up new conversations and partnerships which extend beyond the congress. The aim of the congress is build our collective understanding about hearing voices and new ways of thinking about recovery, by drawing on the wisdom of many different perspectives. This includes three days of new ideas, collaborative conversations, innovative research and practice, and stories of hope and creativity.

Congress themes include:

  • Exploring the meaning behind ‘madness’
  • Inviting curiosity about hearing voices
  • A new era in leadership by those with lived experience
  • New practice and research for working with voices
  • Opening new doors for families and carers of voice hearers

Who is it for?

  • Voice hearers, consumers and service users
  • Clinicians
  • Community workers
  • Carers, family and friends
  • Academics, researchers and students
  • Policy makers, managers and leaders

See the website for more details: