Walk and Talk with Psychiatrists Sunday May 17th

CPsychI Walk & Talk 2015

Walk and Talk with Psychiatrists, Sunday May 17th @ 1:30pm, Merrion Square, Dublin 2

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland is delighted to announce its upcoming Walk & Talk event in partnership with See Change, the National Stigma Reduction Partnership, which will take place as part of Green Ribbon Month 2015.

This event is an important step in challenging the fear and stigma associated with mental health problems and psychiatry. Our walk is about getting outdoors to promote wellness and activity. It is also a chance for people to meet psychiatrists in a welcoming, informal setting, to ask questions and discuss the issues.

During our walk, College members will speak on their experiences as psychiatrists. We also welcome a service user representative of our College forum, REFOCUS (Recovery Experience Forum of Carers and Users of Services).

After the walk we invite all participants back to the College for refreshments and informal discussion. This is a symbolic gesture to ‘open the doors’ of psychiatry. Welcoming people into the College will give greater clarity to its everyday activity. It will demonstrate the College’s role as the voice of psychiatry in Ireland, assuring the quality and ongoing training of psychiatrists and addressing relevant Irish issues, not only for psychiatrists but for mental health services in general, and for services users and their loved ones.

We hope to see you on the day but if you can’t make it we would be delighted if you could share our poster on your website and social media using the hashtags #GreenribbonIRL and #PsychWalkTalk.