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In this section you will find information about hearing voices self help groups in Ireland that HVI is aware of. If you have information about a group not listed here please let us know. Some of the groups are open to the general public whereas other groups are restricted to people attending particular services. Due to the current Covid 19 situation please contact those who run each group before attending.


A new online National Hearing Voices Support Group  

A new online hearing voices support group has been launched for anyone who hears voices or any other unusual experiences. The group is open to people with these experiences and is a safe and non-judgmental environment for people to discuss their experiences. The group meets on Sundays at 4pm beginning on the 9 May 2021. Queries to Mike Ryan at  vhmichael9345@gmail.com

The group will meet on Zoom using this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89201253186

Details also on https://hearingvoicesnetworkireland.ie/new-online-hearing-voices-group/



  • A hearing voices group is running in Bantry, West Cork since the start of March 2014.
  • Droumleigh Resource Centre – Meets on the 3rd Friday of the month (if a Bank Holiday meets on the following Monday)
  • Contact: 027-52970


  • The Belfast group has been running for a number of years after a founding member of the English hearing voices movement, Jacquie Dillon came to Belfast. Since then we have been to a number of conferences as a group, including Manchester, Canterbury and a number of other one day conferences at which we have done work shops about the positive benefits of self help groups for voice hearers.
  • We have also been interviewed on the local radio station Feile FM and in the Belfast Telegraph. You can listen to the Feile FM interview HERE. The Belfast voices group meets for an hour fortnightly and we have about six people currently attending the group.  We are a group of voice hearers who get together to share and query experiences.  Everything is kept confidential and no medical professionals are involved.  The group can be reached at voicesni@gmail.com. Pete Brown facilitates the group.
  • Website www.voicehearers.co.uk
  • To download the leaflet for the group click on the links below and save FRONT COVER OF LEAFLET     INSIDE OF LEAFLET


  • Clonakilty: The Focus Programme – Meets 3-4:30 on the first Friday of the month (if a Bank Holiday meets on the following Monday)
  • Contact: 027-52970



  • This group is currently only open to service users of the South Lee Mental Health Service, Cork. Bishopstown Library, Wilton, Cork, Hearing Voices Group runs every second Friday, 1-2 pm (please ring to see if its on this Friday). The group is co-facilitated by an expert by experience and a mental health nurse (Sean Spillane). Currently this group is open to all service users of the South Lee Mental Health Service outpatients only, individual work is facilitated for inpatients. Email sean.spillane@hse.ie or phone 0214234304 or 0877618618 for information.
  • To listen to an interview with Angela Carrazza on C103 click HERE
  • To listen to Angela and Michelle Dalton who attends the group listen here to PART 1 and PART 2


CORK – Douglas HVG

  • This public group is open to Voices Hearers in the Cork area. It is located in Brandon House, Dosco Industrial Estate, South Douglas Road, Cork. It runs every Tuesday 11.00 to 12.00
  • Phone Kathy or Paul on 021 4362701 or email Kathy.crowley@rehab.ie or Paul.seymour@rehab.ie


CORK Mahon/Blackrock HVG

  • This group is open to Voices Hearers and people with unusual beliefs who attend Blackrock Hall Mental Health Services as outpatients. A group that focuses on who you are and what has happened to you, not what is wrong with you.
  • Blackrock Hall, Primary Care Centre, Skehard Road, Blackrock. Wednesdays 14.20 -15.30 Phone Brid on 0214233162
  • Click here for more information Mahon-Blackrock-Cork-HVG-hearing-voices-brochure



  • The group aims to offer a safe place for people to feel accepted and comfortable sharing their experiences of voices, visions, tactile sensations and other unusual experiences and perceptions. People will meet together to help and support each other, to exchange information, and to learn from one another. It will also offer an opportunity for people to accept and “live with voices” in a way that enables them to regain some control over their lives.
  • For further information, please contact Ursula 087 9053747. Regional Cultural Centre, Port Road, Letterkenny
    11.30am – 1pm Meeting 1st and 4th Thursday of every month.
  • Click here to see flyer Donegal



  • Hearing voices, seeing things and other unusual experiences are common responses to extreme stress. This peer support group is open to everyone who has these experiences.
  • Hearing Voices Groups are a social environment that encourage and promote: Key Principles ♦ Acceptance and Validation ♦ Respect ♦ Promote Hope ♦ Safety and Courage ♦ Collaboration ♦ Independence and Empowerment
  • Groups Provide ♦ Acceptance and a sense that one is not alone. ♦ A safe place to talk about visions and voices. ♦ An opportunity to learn what voices mean and how to gain control over the experience. ♦ Self Empowerment ♦ Interdependence, and ♦ A view of members as “experts by experience”.
  • Our Role – To provide a framework and environment which facilitates the processes that enables people who hear distressing voices to move towards recovery
  • Our Aims ♦ To show that hearing voices is a real experience and may not always be a symptom of mental illness. ♦ To educate society about the meaning of hearing voices, and help to reduce the stigma in the community. ♦ To develop appropriate coping strategies for voice hearers.
  • Weekly Meetings 6.30 – 8.00 pm at Hill Street Family Resource Centre, Dublin 1 Contact Berni at 083-1997775 or 085-7827596 for info.

dublin 1 group poster



  • Support for people who hear voices and other sensory experiences open only to people accessing services locally.
  • Every three weeks 16:30pm – 18:00 in Ballyfermot Mental Health and Primary Care Building, Ballyfermot Road, Dublin 10
  • Phone John Staunton, Kate Downey, or Maura Lane on 01 – 6234040 or email john.staunton@hse.ie



  • Support for people who hear voices and other sensory experiences.
  • A safe and friendly space to talk and an opportunity to learn from other voice hearers.
  • International approach to spreading positive and hopeful messages about the experience of hearing voices
  • Group held every 3rd Thursdays 4-5pm in Clondalkin Mental Health Centre, Orchard Road, Dublin 2
  • Please contact Sarah on  01 457 0009  or sarah.kehoe@hse.ie for further information
  • Click here for flyer clondalkin



  • We would like to let you know about a support group running in Dublin South East for people who hear voices.  The group aims to provide a safe space to talk about visions and voices, to promote acceptance, validation and peer support, and to learn what voices may mean and how to live well with them.The group is on Thursdays from 12:30-1.30pm at Burton Hall, Sandyford, Dublin 18.  The group is for anyone who hears voices or sees visions, regardless of whether they attend formal mental health services or not. Such groups are running for more than twenty-five years in more than twenty country, including more than fifty groups across the UK, groups in most European countries and in the US, with many affiliated to the Hearing Voices Network.  Such groups are valued supports for many voices hearers and this group aims to  provide similar support to voice hearers in south east Dublin. Contact details are as follows:
  • mark.omahoney@sjog.ie
  • grainne.ash@sjog.ie
  • brian.oneill@sjog.ie
  • Contact telephone number for general inquiries is Burton Hall 01-2955888

  • Hearing Voices - Dublin South East Flyer Side B



  • This group is open only to those attending the Tallaght Acute Unit. The group runs every three months on a Thursday. Phone Aurelia Nxumalo, or Mary O’Toole on 01-41433(12/17) or email Aurelia.Nxumaro@amnch.ie




  • A Kilkenny HV group commenced in January 2014 and ascribes to the Hearing Voices Network (HVN) ethos of helping voice hearers normalise their experience. This group is open to anyone experiencing voices, visions and tactile sensations and from any part of Ireland. The group meets every Tuesday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm in The Mews Building, Collier’s Lane, Kilkenny City and is facilitated by current and past service users and a psychologist. However, it is envisioned that group participants will eventually run the group independently. For more information please email hearingvoiceskilkenny@gmail.com or get involved on https://groups.google.com/d/forum/kilkenny-hearing-voices-group.
  • See flyer here KHVG_flyer1



  • As a result of training carried out by HVI and Shine in the Midlands in 2014 a Hearing Voices Group has been set up in Longford. They had their first meeting in January 2015. This Peer Support Group will meet monthly in Longford. The group now call themselves ‘Echo’. If anyone is interested in attending please contact Karen Boylan on 086 8525281 or Nicola Keaveney on 086 3803473
  • Longford Voice Hearing Peer Support Group Poster



  • Day: Wednesdays every week
  • Time: 17:30 – 19:00
  • Venue: Mayo mental Health Association, New Antrim Street, Castlebar, Co Mayo
  • Phone Number: 089 2288552



  • This group is open to voice hearers who attend services locally. The group runs every Wednesday at 2pm in Cuan Croi Day Centre, Tipperary Town
  • Contact Caroline on 062 82123 beforehand.


INTERVOICE Google Hearing Voices Movement World Map

  • Currently, 29 national networks and over 270 national, regional, and local hearing voices networks, groups, research, training centres and trainers can be found on this map, They are indicated by different coloured pins. They are also listed on the left hand side of the map, where you can find addresses and contact details.
  • You can zoom in an out of the map to see all the groups in the world or a group in a city or town. Click on the red button next to the country name to find groups in a specific country, the blue pin to find the location of a specific group.
  • We know there are more groups that should be listed. Please help in making sure the map is up to date. I would be grateful if you would check the map to let me know if the information about your network or group is correct, needs amending or if I need to add your group or network if it is currently not listed.
  • The map is on two pages, if you can’t find your group on the map on page one go to page two (go to bottom of list), for instance groups in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA can be found on page 2.


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