Jacqui Dillon


Dates: 6 or 7 July 2015. Venue: School of Nursing and Midwifery, Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, University College Cork. To apply email specifying name and date.

Hosted by the School of Nursing and Midwifery, UCC, organised by the Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing and funded by the Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Services Director

A rare opportunity to work with a trainer with both personal and professional experience, awareness and skills in the understanding of Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices Awareness Training offers participants an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the experience of hearing voices and to increase participant’s confidence and skills in supporting people who hear voices.

Course content:

  • The Subjective Experience of Voice Hearing
  • Deconstructing Voices: Simulation exercise
  • The Hearing Voices Movement
  • Current Research and Innovative Approaches to Hearing Voices
  • The Relationship Between Hearing Voices and Life Experiences: Understanding  the Issues That Lay at the Roots of the Voice Hearing Experience
  • Living with voices: Coping Strategies That May be Useful to People who Hear  Voices
  • How to Help: Developing Supportive Alliances with Voice Hearers


Suitable for anyone wishing to understand more about hearing voices including mental health and social care professionals, voice hearers and their friends, families and allies.

25 places max. Places for mental health nurses are prioritized.

Click here to see Hearing Voices Awareness Training flyer Cork July 2015