New Poems By Emily Land

Emily Land

New Poetry By Emily Land

Biography: Emily started writing to overcome anxiety. Her chapbook ‘The Fear’ reached number one in the UK charts. When Emily is not writing she likes to watch ‘The Walking Dead’ and play ‘Assasin’s Creed.’ Emily also likes water-based activities.

The Fear

The darkness creeps over me,

But it is something I can never see.

The way people look at me,

I wonder what they see.

The real me?





Everywhere I go,

It haunts me everywhere I go!

No one ever seems to know,

Never leaving me happy,

Or energetic.


With never anything to show,

Every time I turn a corner.

It is there like a darkness,

Lingering over me;

Watching me as I sleep.


Laughing at me as I weep.

It haunts me…

Everywhere I go!




He lay asleep,

Without moving.


For days he would do this,

Leaving us worried and clueless.

Never telling us what was wrong.

We should have noticed!!