Mental health stigma research

My name is Dr Lorraine Ivancic and I am a postgraduate student, completing my Master of Clinical Psychology, at Western Sydney University [Australia]. I am conducting research to examine stigma (both self stigma and perceived public levels of stigma) around mental illness. In particular, I am interested in the views of people who have experienced a mental health concern. Your organization is known and respected for supporting people with mental health concerns, and as such we are seeking your help to promote this study.

The study will be conducted across a number of English speaking countries and aims to better understand levels of stigma in countries that are culturally similar but may vary in public attitudes toward persons with mental health concerns. The results of this study will help us to understand the factors that play a role in contributing to stigmatizing attitudes and to help inform anti stigma campaigns, and improve their effectiveness. The study will also aim to identify whether particular groups, in culturally similar countries, are at a higher risk of experiencing self and /or perceived public stigma. A copy of the survey link is here:

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