Hearing Voices Workshop, Mental Health Centre, Birr Offaly


Hearing Voices Workshop, Mental Health Centre, Birr Offaly

During the month of July, 10 people attended Shines Hearing Voices Workshop in Birr, Co. Offaly.  This workshop aims to provide information and support to voice hearers, family and friends, and support workers, and was kindly funded by Birr Mental Health Association.  Mental Health Associations are operating around the country and are engaged in a range of activities and services in promoting mental health and supporting those with mental illness.

The Hearing Voices Workshop was co facilitated by Karen Boylan Shine, and Brian Hartnett, HVI.  Attending were people who experience voices, relatives of people who hear voices, people who support voice hearers and a person from Birr Mental Health Association.  This led to a day of great discussion and conversation around the voice hearing experience.

Each participant is presented with their own Hearing Voices Resource Manual at the end of the day.   Developed by Shine and HVI the Resource Manual aims to provide further information and support for participants.  Everything that is delivered in the workshop is contained in the Resource Manual along with further personal stories and resources.  This allows participants to reflect on the learning during the workshop and support themselves and others within their communities.

At the end of the workshop participants are invited to complete a short evaluation on the day.  When asked the question “What worked for you?” some of the comments were

“The fact I am not alone with this illness”, “listening to other people’s stories and being comfortable in telling a bit of mine” and “listening and learning about other peoples experiences”.

Again we like to thank Birr Mental Health Association for providing us with the opportunity and means to deliver the Hearing Voices Workshop in Birr.  It was a pleasure.