Feedback after HVI Launch (2006)

The following is a list of feedback submitted to HVI after its launch in 2006.

• Well done on yesterday, great day. Count me in on this, its a very important initiative, and one that seems to me to have immense potential. Terry Lynch. GP and psychotherapist.

• I was delighted to be able to attend the meeting today. I’m very hopeful that HVI will do great things both for individuals and to help shift traditional thinking in psychiatry. I work as an advocate in Cork and experienced the psychiatric response to my emotional distress many years ago. I have worked in England as an advocate and as a service user. I have been working in Ireland now for nine months. I’m learning all the time and look forward to being able to play a part in letting people know about the network. Deirdre Lillis

• I am not a voice hearer myself but I am very interested in the concepts of HVI. I believe it should be accessible to people both in the community and in patient settings. The launch day has been very informative for me but I would very much like to hear more and be more involved with HVI in Cork especially. Training as a facilitator would appeal to me as I work with the Irish Advocacy network but I would like to see HVI groups in inpatient settings also. But I do see that the ‘medical model’ people could have a problem with this. Please do stay in contact. Avril McMahon.

• Interesting introduction in to the birthing process of a new initiative. Personally interested in serving clients very individually in assessing their needs and finding practical and therapeutic approaches and help to find their way. Willing to link between medical / non medical approaches. Willing to educate, facilitate groups, schools etc. Please keep me informed. Dr. Ail in O’Bro in MD.

• Found HVI very interesting. It is great to know that there is support for people with mental illness. Catherine O’Rely.

• Excellent! I would love to do the training course in March! Antoinette Healy.

• A great energy. Many creative ideas. Hari MCA.

• Through group activity we must change the ‘mad’ systems of society to recreate a sense of balance in our communities. Bernard Bo sonnet.

• Very helpful and enlightening. Very best wishes. Julia Tome.

• This is so important. I will help in any way and bring others with me (including organizations). Good Luck! Michael Corry. Psychiatrist.

• Very informative. I was impressed by Brian’s admission of hearing voices. Helena King O’Donavan.

• Currently I am working as a psychiatric nurse in a day hospital. Recently I have been making plans to commence a support group for people who hear voices. As a result this has led me to have interest in HVI. I remain interest in its progression. Found the day invaluable. Much appreciation. Elizabeth Wycherley.

• It was a great privilege and pleasure to be associated with Brian’s historical initiative. Up to and on the day, I sensed that all around the country, eyes and ears were opening. Friday 10th November 2006 for me will always signal the death knell of the `black and bitter lie’ repressing our true nature and the rebirth of the belittled wild genius of the Irish soul. Love to all. Greg White. Psychotherapist

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