Dark Matter: A Brief Chapbook of Poetry by Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly

Dark Matter- A Brief Chapbook of Poetry

Dark Matter: A Brief Chapbook of Poetry by Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly


About the Author

Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly was born in Kent, England. She was diagnosed with severe ENT problems which included deafness. She had several operations and although she can hear now she continues to suffer from asthma and allergic rhinitis. Kerry struggled through life with extreme shifts in mood until diagnosed in 2008 with Bipolar, OCD and epilepsy.

She was aware from an early age that she was different and used the OCD to her advantage completing training in over 100 qualifications, 20 of which are from higher education. In addition she has numerous sporting and language awards. Kerry also took her five children to 30 countries around the world and encouraged them to take part in a wide range of activities.

Throughout this time she directed her emotions into words, poems and short stories to define how she felt and reflect her thoughts and observations.

In May 2015 Kerry completed a 24 hour poetry publishing 100 poems in 15 styles and 6 languages in a 24 hour period. Within 2 months of completing the marathon a range of Kerry’s writing was accepted for publication by the journals Short Fiction Break and Entropy. Her chapbook Pole to Pole was published by Voices Ireland and some of her poems published by Lover of Darkness and Peeking Cat.

Kerry wrote the poems to manage personal struggles and feelings, but on reflecting on her writing she was able to identify her Bipolar tendencies as providing the foundation of thought stimulating her creative work. Here she shares a collection of poetry and stories which allow the reader to develop an understanding of the thought processes behind the Bipolar mind. This insight will prove useful to both professionals working with mental illness and survivors and their friends and family.

In 2015 Kerry’s books ‘Tackling the Bear: Ravings of a Bipolar Survivor’ and ‘Artist or Madman?’ were published. Both contained poetry that allowed the reader to understand and empathise with the emotions stemming from a mental health condition. ‘Dark Matter’ is a chapbook containing Kerry’s newest poems.

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