Cannabis (Weed) Awareness Workshop

Cannabis (Weed) Awareness Workshop

A workshop to enhance knowledge about cannabis, cannabis use and misuse and to explore

the skills needed to work with cannabis users.

Date: Thursday July 13 th 2017 from 10am to 5pm

Venue: Oranmore Lodge Hotel, Oranmore, Galway

Cost: €95 (lunch provided)

The aim of this training is to assist those who work with cannabis users to feel more confident and competent in

supporting them to make changes

Training will seek to

 Enhance participants knowledge of cannabis including types of and ways of using

 Enhance participants understanding of why individuals use and misuse cannabis

 Explore the effects associated with using cannabis

 Identify what is dependency

 Examine the impact of cannabis on mental health

 Provide information on the law with respect to cannabis

 Provide information on the prevalence of cannabis use in Ireland

 Explore ways to help those whose cannabis use is causing problems

The workshop will involve a mix of presentation and group work and is intended to be as participative as possible.

The training is appropriate for those who may opportunistically intervene with individuals who use cannabis such as

youth workers, probation officers, those working in supported accommodation. It is also appropriate for those

working in the areas of addiction and therapy who wish to increase their knowledge of this substance and explore

how to effectively work with cannabis users.

Certificates for CPD purposes will be provided to participants at the workshop.

Ring 086 3322540 or email for further information on this workshop. Your place will be

held and confirmed on receipt of the deposit of €45, which is non refundable.

Return form with payment to Mark Campbell, Killeeneenmore, Craughwell, Co Galway. Please make cheque payable

to Mark Campbell. Payment via Paypal is also possible – email or phone and I will send a link to make payment.

Closing date for booking & receipt of payment Thursday 6th July (booking form below). Places limited to 16.

Facilitators: Mark Campbell, Justin Sherin

Mark has worked in various capacities within Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services in the UK and Ireland since 1994. He was employed full time

as a Drug & Alcohol Counsellor at NUI Galway for 4 years from 2007 to 2011. He currently works for the HSE Mid-West Drug & Alcohol Services

in two roles, as an Outreach Worker in Co Clare and a Drug & Alcohol Counsellor in Limerick City. Mark achieved accreditation with the ACI and

IACP in 2010. He has provided training in a number of topics including Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Brief Intervention, PIEDs (Performance &

Image Enhancing Drugs) and Delivering Drug Education to Young People.

Justin has worked with the HSE Mid-West Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services in Limerick and Tipperary for over 10 years. He is currently

working as an Outreach Worker involved in providing interventions to individuals and groups misusing drugs or alcohol and those affected by

others use. He has facilitated regularly on the Strengthening Families Programme and been involved in education and awareness raising

initiatives in school and out of school settings. He is qualified as a CRA treatment provider (Community Reinforcement Approach). Justin has a

lengthy participation in a Limerick rowing club and is currently involved as a coach.

Mark and Justin have been involved in developing and facilitating a group treatment programme delivered to individuals seeking help to stop,

cut down or maintain abstinence from cannabis. The group treatment programmes delivered is based on a Motivational Interviewing (MI) and

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach. They have facilitated 7 group programmes since 2013 in Ennis and Limerick.

An article on the work they completed titled ‘An Evaluation of an 8 Week Group Treatment Programme Provided to Individuals Who Misuse

Cannabis’ has been published in the Spring 2016 edition of the National Institute of Health Sciences Research Bulletin, Volume 7, Issue 3.

Cannabis Awareness Workshop Application 2017