Hearing Voices Ireland (HVI)

Hearing Voices Ireland (HVI) was founded in 2006 by Brian Hartnett to ‘promote and foster acceptance of voice hearing as a valid human experience’. Everyone ‘hears voices’ in some way or another from early in life. Children ‘talking to themselves’ has mostly been seen as perfectly normal. We all continue these ‘conversations’ throughout life.

For some people another ‘voice’ or ‘voices’ in these ‘conversations’ can take on a strongly independent role in a person’s life. This is often part of a general shift in a person’s perception of reality and can vary from slight to very dramatic. It may be temporary or continue over a long period of time. For some it comes and goes during their lives.

There are many ways of how to understand individual experiences of ‘voice hearing’. Encouraging the person to talk about their ‘voice(s)’ and their lives in general can alleviate a lot of pressure on the person which in itself can help the person to live with the experience.

On this website you can read stories, listen to audio interviews and watch video where people talk about their voice hearing experience. News relevant to the Irish voice hearing community is also featured. There is also information about voice hearing self help groups around the country which is constantly being updated and links to other relevant websites.

Please feel free to contact us about any voice hearing issue.

A word from Brian Hartnett, founder of HVI. People have different ideas about what is going on when someone is ‘hearing voices’. For me its a physical, spiritual and psychological experience. Other people see one or two of these elements as relative to them in different combinations, but for me its all three. In the video below Brian explains his viewpoint. The HVI website does not necessarily represent any particular viewpoint but rather tries to include information from the broad spectrum of debate.

Brian explains his mind, body, soul approach to hearing voices in the video below.

You can see an RTE TV interview with Brian talking about his experience here on The Moment Of Truth programme with Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh. 23 minutes approx…