The Psychotic and Disorder Manual: A close look at disorders from the vantage point of personal experience

Owen Finnegan

Owen Finnegan has gone through the mill so to speak and is now able to explain coherently and in great detail what it is like to suffer from a range of symptoms and disorders like Anxiety, Mild Depression, Severe Depression, Psychotic Depression, Stability, Hypomania, Mania, Psychotic Mania, Delusional Thinking, Radio/Television Psychotic Ideations, Visual Hallucination, Audio Hallucination, Disturbing Thoughts, Suicidal Attempts, Suicidal Thoughts and Catatonia.

You can read Owens story here

If you are curious about mental health disorders or you are a family member, friend, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapist Student, General Practitioner, Psychiatric Nurse or Psychiatric Nursing student then you will find the book to be a valuable asset to own.

Below are the links to or where you can buy the book for yourself.  Of all the income that Owen makes he is giving 10% of his earnings to a charity of his choice. He is currently doing some research to find a charity he would like to assist financially.