New Poetry by Matheus Bunting-Day

From Kerry Kelly. I have a good friend who has Bipolar 2 and OCD. He has sent me some poetry. Would you consider publishing them on Voices Ireland. I think they really characterise how people with mental health difficulties struggle with loss and sadness.
Matheus Bunting-Day (author)
Have you been to the edge of despair?
A cold, darkened room, with only a chair.
A dim bulb aglow, swings above your head,
Perpetual longing for the last judgment to be read.
Locked in this room, the walls closing in,
Surrounding, suffocating, the inevitable win.
The voices, they tell you to finish it now,
To end it all swiftly, to take the final bow.
You consider the options, of which there is one,
You load up the chamber, lift up the gun.
The cold of the metal against your temple is felt,
The trigger clicks quickly as the last card is dealt.
The end, it comes swiftly, your life is no more,
The room sighs contentedly, your lifeless body dead on the floor.
The voices are quiet now, their work albeit done,
The dark is the victor, despair finally won.
“The end is nigh!”
He shouts to me, as I walk along the street,
His sign aside him states the same, as he passes leaflets to all he meets.
“Repent! Repent!” He is calling, “before it is too late”,
His tone of voice is solemn, his words meant to carry weight.
But what he doesn’t realise, for he truly cannot see,
My world has already ended and this I guarantee.
For I am but a ghost, wandering this earth,
Translucent to those who see, dead since my boychilds birth.
My little one, a ghost too, you know – a baby born already dead,
And any life there was in me, gone by just a thread!