Brian McElroy


Towards a balanced and empowered understanding of mental, emotional and spiritual health

The Red Door, the Square, Newcastle West. Sunday 20th December

Admission free: An invitation to take a break from pre- Christmas activity and learn something new…

Session 1: 10AM-11.30AM

Discover a new depth of wellbeing and connection. An introduction to the Three Principles understanding of mental and emotional health.

Session 2:11.45AM-12.45PM

An introduction to the intelligence of the emotional heart. Resources from the Institute of Heartmath used to demonstrate the effect of practicing sustained gratitude and ease (Coherence) on the body and on cognitive function.

12.45PM- 1.15PM

Open dialogue and space for informal question and answers

Seminar facilitated by Bryan McElroy:

3 Principles facilitator, General Practitioner, Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry, 1:1 Heartmath facilitator, Hearing Voices group facilitator, Graduate of the school of the work of Byron Katie