How I Discovered Lasting Relief From The Voices That I Hear And Their Physical Attacks.

How I Discovered Lasting Relief From The Voices That I Hear And Their Physical Attacks.

I call myself justaguy, and I have suffered from hearing voices, and the severely painful physical attacks for over 10 years. My real name I don’t divulge because I have chosen to suffer in complete silence, away from all of my friends, my family, and community. I have not ever told any person about my painful daily life, until now that is, because God and me found a perfect solution, seriously, from hearing voices and reducing the physical attacks. Over the last ten months the pains and voices got so severe that I knew if I did not try to rid my life of these hideous things, then I was going to have to end my life, seriously. I am not the type of person who wants to stop living. So, from that day forward, every single day, some days to the point of complete and total body, mind, and Spiritual exhaustion. I have worked very hard to locate an effective means for myself, and for others like me and you, of shielding us from these voices and the terrible physical attacks. And through very much prayer, I received instruction From God one night telling me to “block them by covering the brain”. And, By God’s Grace, It Worked!!! Awesome!!! So, this is about my trials to find a simple, yet effective means of stopping the voices and physical attacks:

On Father’s Day, June 21, 2015 I discovered a fast, and cost effective means of silencing the demanding voices, and softening some of the effects of the physical attacks. Please keep in mind, not all voices that people hear can be silenced using this method. Only certain types can be rendered nearly entirely silenced. All materials necessary can be purchased at a variety store such as a Wal-Mart  , or Kmart store. Here is the materials needed;

A standard baseball cap  or an all leather type  any type works very well thankfully. I choose to use a leather type because it deadens the sound of the voices I hear a bit more, and softens their physical attacks.

An “Emergency Blanket”, an “Emergency Poncho” or an “Emergency Tent / Tarp”:  or  or  . Be sure they are the reflective type material. Some look like aluminum foil, which is perfect. The reason this material works so very effectively is that it is a machine woven very fine mesh of aluminum and Mylar, which greatly restricts the incoming signal. I will call these materials the E.B. material from here on out when describing the baseball cap construction methods.

An automobile drying pure leather “Chamois”;  The link takes you to the 2.25 sq. ft. type, however, I prefer the 5.0 or larger type so that I can make two or more baseball cap inserts for the same cap, or for two different caps. For some people, one single layer of the chamois leather inside a baseball cap, along with anywhere between one and four layers of the E.B. material will be quite adequate.

After acquiring all of these materials, the next parts are simple. Take the E.B. material, and cut out between one and four 24” X 24” squares. Take and lay the squares over your head, and then put the baseball cap over the layers of E.B. Please, be certain the cap is snugly upon your head. Then, take a pair of good cutting scissors, and trim all around the bottom edge of the baseball cap. It helps to have a trusting friend to do these steps for you. When finished cutting the layers of E.B. material, remove the hat, and the E.B. layers, and lay them aside. Now, take the chamois and lay that over your head, put the baseball cap over that as you did with the E.B. materials, and cut all around the bottom edge of the baseball cap, just like you did once before.

When finished cutting the chamois, remove the baseball cap and chamois. You are now ready to install your materials. Take and lay the layer(s) of E.B. into the baseball cap, making sure to tuck the edges of the E.B. material(s) into the inside brim of the baseball cap. This helps to hold them in place. Then, lay the chamois inside and cover-up the E.B. materials, doing the very same as before, inserting the edge of the chamois into the baseball cap inner brim flap to hold everything in place. Now, place the baseball cap upon your head. You will notice an immediate relief from the voices, however, it will take approx. 15 mins. to 30 mins. For the voices to completely disappear. Eventually, you may want to secure the materials into place using the clear double-sided cellophane tape (Scotch brand is good!  ). If you need a little bit more chamois to deaden the voice, you can put in another layer of it if necessary. Some people may find they require two layers of chamois, and up to 3-4 layers of E.B. material, however, one layer of chamois, and one, maybe two, layers of E.B. is usually sufficient in stopping all the noisy voices. It is important that when you wear the baseball cap, that it covers the frontal lobe region of the head entirely for best results. Sometimes I need to pull mine down to just above the eyebrow region for the best comfort and quietness. You may need to experiment just a tiny amount for best protection, and comfort. You are going to find sweet relief and rest from the pains, and quickly also!!!

For a bedtime cap, I found that I get instant relief (within 30 mins. is “instant” to me!) if I wear the nylon beanie (pull over top of head type of snow cap) with a 5” wide band of chamois stitched around the inside bottom portion of the beanie cap. This works so very well also!!!

You will find these as “Great Blessings” in your life! Please, if you have any questions, or if you do not have access to these materials, for whatever reason, please do not hesitate to contact me. If necessary, I can order purchase the materials myself, and construct a baseball cap for someone who has limited resources, limited physical abilities, or limited access to privacy where a baseball cap could be constructed in private. Keep in mind that it will take a few weeks possibly for a baseball that I constructed to reach you where you may live. I will ship overseas as well. If you can locate the materials necessary to construct your own baseball cap, then you are literally only moments away from sweet and ever-lasting relief from those ever so demanding voices!!! One thing you must remember, The Bible teaches us to not wear a cap while in prayer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

One more suggestion if I may, this step is not necessary, but if would like an even stealthier head wear, then you can go to a Walmart, or Walgreens store, a hardware store, or even on T.V. it can be purchased, you can purchase a product named “Flex-Seal” , or other brands , of which is a spray-on rubber sealant. Then, take a baseball cap, or a beanie, turn it inside out, and spray the entire inside with two separate coatings with the rubber, and then a few days after the cap, beanie, is dry, insert the E.B. material and leather back inside, you will experience a permanent and total silence from the hateful / nasty voices, guaranteed!!!

As for myself, I now wear only the baseball cap (regular cloth type, or leather type) sprayed with “Flex-Seal” (two coats) on the inside, with a single layer of E.B. glued to the upwards side of the leather using adhesive glue spray to hold the E.B. material flatly to the leather chamois, and then it is tucked and taped into the inside flap of the cap using Scotch brand permanent double-sided tape; .

I wear a beanie to bed at night, with the inside sprayed with the “Flex-Seal”, and then that is covered with a soft fabric, or chamois, and stitched into the inside of beanie. The beanie is also a great cold weather head gear. Now about the painful physical attacks. The one thing that really helps to stop the terrible and sometimes extremely painful physical attacks is to wear only clothing that is polyester/rayon/nylon material, either a blend, or a solid knit, including underwear and socks especially. As I mentioned before, if you, or someone you know, cannot afford different clothing, or if you have limited access to clothing made from these types of materials, please let me know, and I will help you to obtain the protections that you deserve. These materials are very effective because of the woven mesh design, and these materials resist electricity and RF’s, and EMF’s, microwaves, and radar waves as well. I also wear plastic framed glasses or sunglasses, as this helps to reduce the pains and noises as well. I get my eye glasses at using my new/old prescription information. With these tools, I will not ever again ponder the idea of ending my life because of these things being done to myself and to others like me. Instead, I now get to live, and I get to help others live as well! I only wish I knew how to rid my life and yours entirely of these painful voices and the physical attacks they bring. I pray this literally saves lives all around the world! Please, please, if this works for you, if this helps you to suffer a little less, then would you kindly pay it forward by taking a little bit of time out of your week, each and every week, and share with other people who suffer so very, very much heart-ache, and mind and body pains!!! Especially if this process helps you to live a much healthier, more productive, more peaceful life. Remember, “It” was Sent From God Above……………

My email address is: and I pray that you find much peace, comfort, and lasting serenity.

Best regards, and in Christian service – justaguy